Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Vienna, Missouri

Caught the Big One: In Missouri's Ozarks, life is all about the water. Rader United Methodist Church Cemetery. [2015]


  1. This is my nephew Chad's uncle's grave. Chad was killed by a drunk driver on August 14, 2014 and is the grave next to his uncles. Chad was only 27 when a 54 year old chronic drunk/drugged female driver murdered him by slamming into a truck Chad was a passenger in on his side of the road. Two years later we are still attending hearings and dealing with the damage this does. My sister, Chad's mom, and Chad's brother and dad have had their lives completely changed forever by a drunk and crazy wreckless driver. .... a picture captures a scene but the stories behind some pictures are deep and hidden.

  2. What a tragedy. Let's hope and pray that by publicizing stories like this we are able to get impaired drivers off the road. My sympathy. Thanks for posting.