Thursday, April 28, 2016

Baltimore, Maryland

Focus on Oak Lawn Cemetery:  History is buried here: Baltimore's Methodist history. On the far eastern edge of the city, Francis Asbury, first bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church in America, consecrated the Old Methodist "Burying Ground." In 1935, to make room for an expansion of Philadelphia Road, now US Highway 40, bodies were removed and re-interred here at Oak Lawn. No grave markers accompanied them. A single stone does the job of  memorializing all 2,777 departed souls. [2014]


  1. Was Francis Asbury's burial place moved? I thought he was at Mt. Olivet Cemetery. For more on Asbury, please visit the website dedicated to a book series about his early years of ministry. The website is Enjoy the numerous articles, podcasts, videos, and pictures.

    1. Asbury just consecrated the old burying ground at its original location; he wasn't buried there.